Mona Elyafi: Overcoming Addiction to Connecting with Truth

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Mona Elyafi makes The Truth Prescription history today as the first ever woman on the show. And of course, representing the better sex, she has quite a remarkable story of struggle, addiction which was overcome by determination to succeed. Her formative years were spent working at some of the top PR agencies in LA such as The Lee Solters Company, Norman Winter & Associate and Harper PR to name a few. Even though Mona carries are very impressive portfolio of high profile clientele and campaigns, there’s a side to her story that not often talked about. In the first few years of her PR career, Mona developed an addiction to Cocaine which took her on quite a whirlwind of a journey. Mona experienced her first Dinah, which little did she know, in a number of years, she would be doing PR for. After selling all of her belongings and having no money left, Mona hit rock bottom which was a catalyst to her changing her life. We talk about her memoir “DisCokenected,” she shares her stories and struggles at the time of her addiction to how she got to where she is now: running her own PR firm – ILDK Media named after her grandmother’s initials, and living in Los Angeles with her dog George Michael, aka “Georgie,” and wife.

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Damien Lemon: The Journey to Laughter

This week’s episode brings an outstandingly talented guest to The Truth Prescription airwaves. He’s been featured on the big screen’s on films like The Amazing Spider-Man and An Ode to Hannibal Buress and his podcast In The Conversation has left many of us in tears of laughter.

Damien Lemon is one of the country’s most exciting comedians. We discuss:

  •  How life for him was not always about fun and laughter. 
  • We learn of the loss, the struggle and the sadness Damien faced in his early teens losing his mother and stepfather. 
  • How his path of truth lead him to the success he has today

Now, with a successful podcast, a buddying acting and comedic career, Lemon has built himself up to be one of the most promising talents to watch. Connect with Damien here. 






Emile Westergaard: Finance to Folk Music

In today’s episode of the Truth Prescription. Dr Seku Gathers chats to Hedge Fund Manager, Founder/CEO (and Folk Singer) Emile Westergaard.


Topics include:

  • Finding the clarity of truth around what it is you want to do and how you want to live
  • Achieve the truth and be confident in that
  • A Spiritual Guide To Green Chi
  • Learning to understand the truth of your emotions.

After grinding for years on Wall street and surviving a two contentious divorces, Emile found himself running on a high maintenance treadmill. He soon came to realize, through martial arts and meditation practice, that truth was a path to lasting contentment. 

“Once you do that, good things start to happen. Negative people aren’t attracted to the idea of truth, but positive people, that’s what they want. That’s Green Chi.”

Now Emile runs his own company that gives back and teaches clients how to self manage and be financially successful with tools and tips meant to breed self-sufficiency with less reliance on banks. 

 “Every person, no matter their industry has had to interface with certain truths in their professional and personal lives. It’s through accepting those truths that obstacles can be overcome that lead to great and greater success.”


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Prentiss PL Sweets Thompson On Music, Family, And Perspective

In today’s episode of the Truth Prescription, we’re speaking with legendary music producer, DJ, and filmmaker Prentiss PL Sweets Thompson about music, family, and the search for personal truths. He takes us back to his childhood and the early days of his career, and talks about the importance of peeling away layers to gain perspective. He also shares the most profound lessons he’s learned as a musician and filmmaker, and reveals how anyone use what they already have to make big things happen.

Topics include:

  • Why listening is your greatest strength
  • Accepting (and navigating) when things go wrong
  • Learning to uncover your flaws and communicate your needs
  • Why your true talent lies within you

Prentiss PL Sweets Thompson is a producer, arranger, keyboardist, DJ, and engineer, as well as a marketer for musical software and hardware. His greatest joy is being on the pulse of where music and technology are heading. His goal is to build the brands MF Music Marketing, PL Sweets/PROS, and Invisible Ministry, and assist those who have a passion for music and technology make their dreams a reality.

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Duke Garone: Breaking Into Fitness

As a celebrity personal trainer and the Fitness Director of Real Fitness NYC, Duke Garone has made a real name for himself in one of the toughest and overcrowded industries. Today he tells us how he did it. During our conversation, Duke opens up about his personal struggle with race and identity, breaks down the real ways trainers (and clients) can conquer their fitness goals, and reveals why life’s greatest breakthroughs take place when you stop trying to appease other people and start being yourself.

Topics include:

  • Where most trainers go wrong (and how to fix it)
  • The real definition of flexibility (and why it matters)
  • Lessons on exercise regimens from newborns
  • The right way to approach a workout (physically and mentally)

As Fitness Director for Real Fitness NYC, Duke Garone takes the guesswork out of weight loss, obesity, fitness, and achieving fitness related goals. He motivates his clients to work hard, stay committed, and become what they’ve always dreamed of becoming. As Fitness Director, Duke’s duties include increasing revenue streams through personal training, nutrition, and boot camps. He also manages client/trainer relationships as the company deals strictly with independent trainers.

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Bob Cafaro: The Musician Who Beat An Unbeatable Disease

Bob Cafaro is a motivational speaker, author, and professional cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. At the height of his music career, Bob was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Facing impossible odds – and a fair share of naysayers – Bob accomplished the unthinkable and won his battle against the life-threatening disease. Today he shares his incredible story. Bob also talks about the personal epiphanies he experienced while fighting for his life.

Topics include:

  • How a short story helped save his life
  • His disciplined lifestyle and diet (and why it works)
  • Gaining new perspectives
  • Admiring people who achieve the impossible

Bob Cafaro has been a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra since 1985. In early 1999, Bob was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Six months later he was nearly blind, unable to use his hands, and he was told he would be on permanent disability. Refusing to accept his prognosis, Bob set out to cure himself of the disease. He has since continued his career as a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Today he is in perfect health and shows no signs of MS. In his new book, When The Music Stopped: My Battle and Victory against MS, Bob shares the knowledge he gained from extensive research, personal life experiences, and studying people who have accomplished the impossible.

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Dr. Anthony Watkins Talks Truth, Diversity, and Childhood

As Program Director of the General Surgery Residency Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, distinguished transplant surgeon Dr. Anthony Watkins plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds of future surgeons. He’s won numerous awards for his excellence in teaching, and is a continuous source of inspiration for students and surgeons alike. In our first episode of The Truth Prescription, things get personal as Dr. Watkins opens up about his childhood, and thinks back on some of the biggest challenges he has faced in his life and career. Dr. Watkins also talks about bringing more diversity into the scientific community, sheds some light on his stint as a reality TV star, and reveals how anyone can use their inner energy to turn their dreams into realities.

Topics include:

  • Pushing through fears and standing up for what you want
  • Aligning your passions with your talents
  • Why it’s important to know thyself (and what that really entails)

Anthony C. Watkins, MD is the Program Director of the General Surgery Residency Program, Surgical Director of the Skills Acquisition & Innovation Laboratory (SAIL), and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine. He is an Attending Surgeon at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine and an experienced, board-certified surgeon who specializes in kidney, pancreas and liver transplantation, laparoscopic donor nephrectomies, dialysis access surgery and general surgery. Dr. Watkins has authored several publications and book chapters and his current research interests include topics ranging from improving outcomes and increasing access to transplantation to exploring innovative ways to enhance surgical education. 

Dr. Watkins received his B.A. degree from Fisk University, Nashville, and his M.D. degree from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. He completed his general surgery residency training at the University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey Medical School, Newark, New Jersey, and spent an additional two years conducting research related to trauma hemorrhagic shock and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. He completed his fellowship in Multi-Organ Transplantation/Hepatobiliary Surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University. Prior to joining Weill Cornell, Dr. Watkins was Assistant Professor of Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Dr. Watkins was recognized by Super Doctor, as a New York Rising Star in 2015 and a recipient of the Top Healthcare Professionals Under 40 Award by the National Medical Association in 2013.

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