Eljay Aguillo: The Truth behind Joss Stone & Why He Loves New York City


Eljay Aguillo's project, "Why I Love New York City," is a photo-documentary on Instagram which is now a published book. What inspired Eljay to put this together was the journey of truth he had to go through to meet his now wife, Maria. 

We talk about:
- How a defining moment of truth came in the form of a Joss Stone song
- How moving to New York City to mend his broken heart opened up an opportunity
- How a twist of fate of mixed up credit cards lead him to meet his current wife

Eljay's amazing book, "Why I Love New York City," has captured over 700 stories of love people have for the city of New York. As a fellow New Yorker, there isn't much I can find that I don't love about this city.

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