Ginni Saraswati: Podcasting, Aeroplanes & Truth - Australia to New York


Born in Dehiwala in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Ginni Saraswati grew up as a shy girl with dreams of being a doctor – (like every good Sri Lankan girl)…but she soon discovered she wasn’t too fond of science. She knew she had to work in an industry where she could have a voice – share stories, and unleash her comedic charms and dance moves on unsuspecting audiences.

Studying Creative Arts & Cinema Studies, Ginni moved into radio journalism after many years acting and writing for theatre.

We talk about:
- How she joined Australia’s first and only LGBTIQ station, JOY 94.9
- Working in Aerospace Manufacturing for a number of years
- Moving to New York to pursue her creativity as a podcaster and podcast producer 

You can listen to The Ginni Show on ACast & Nova Entertainment and all good podcast players. Connect with Ginni on: