Damien Lemon: The Journey to Laughter

This week’s episode brings an outstandingly talented guest to The Truth Prescription airwaves. He’s been featured on the big screen’s on films like The Amazing Spider-Man and An Ode to Hannibal Buress and his podcast In The Conversation has left many of us in tears of laughter.

Damien Lemon is one of the country’s most exciting comedians. We discuss:

  •  How life for him was not always about fun and laughter. 
  • We learn of the loss, the struggle and the sadness Damien faced in his early teens losing his mother and stepfather. 
  • How his path of truth lead him to the success he has today

Now, with a successful podcast, a buddying acting and comedic career, Lemon has built himself up to be one of the most promising talents to watch. Connect with Damien here.