Prentiss PL Sweets Thompson On Music, Family, And Perspective

In today’s episode of the Truth Prescription, we’re speaking with legendary music producer, DJ, and filmmaker Prentiss PL Sweets Thompson about music, family, and the search for personal truths. He takes us back to his childhood and the early days of his career, and talks about the importance of peeling away layers to gain perspective. He also shares the most profound lessons he’s learned as a musician and filmmaker, and reveals how anyone use what they already have to make big things happen.

Topics include:

  • Why listening is your greatest strength
  • Accepting (and navigating) when things go wrong
  • Learning to uncover your flaws and communicate your needs
  • Why your true talent lies within you

Prentiss PL Sweets Thompson is a producer, arranger, keyboardist, DJ, and engineer, as well as a marketer for musical software and hardware. His greatest joy is being on the pulse of where music and technology are heading. His goal is to build the brands MF Music Marketing, PL Sweets/PROS, and Invisible Ministry, and assist those who have a passion for music and technology make their dreams a reality.

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