Holiday Rant - The Priceless Gift


It’s a Holiday special on The Truth Prescription Podcast. Some of you may feel that this time of year is when you’re really served up a dose of truth along with plenty of the festive cheer. As I try with each episode to give you a gift; a gift of truth and knowledge, I wanted to bring to your awareness a few of the things that you could think about today especially, being Christmas Day.

This short audio piece is just a reminder for all of us, especially today and in this day and time to:

  • Be Kind – treat others how we’d like to be treated
  • Slow Down, breathe it in
  • Be Thankful – for what you have and what you don’t have.

Do it. Now’s a good a time as any.

Happy Holidays everybody.

Next Episode: Monday, January 8 with Amber Gelinas