Christopher Plowman: An Insight Into Mindfulness

The Truth Prescription Podcast is about journeys of truth; where we talk to different people about the obstacles they have faced, personally and professionally that lead them to a truth they needed to accept.

This week's guest is inspirational in how he and his brother have set an intention to help make the world a more mindful, insightful and happier place. Meet Christopher Plowman - a former CEO of TIX - a reputable sporting and event online ticket distributor in Australia. After his brother Nicholas started teaching Yoga, there was something missing in Christopher's life which then inspired him to join his brother into purchasing an app called Insight Timer from a couple of developers in San Francisco. The app has since been developed and hosts over 2 millions users who engage in different meditations and spiritual influencers from all over the globe on a daily basis.

We talk about:

  • How Christopher left the corporate world to pursuit a deeper purpose
  • How Social Media is impacting the mindfulness space
  • Humility is needed to acquire knowledge

    Connect with Christopher here:
    Insight Timer