Your Tribe's Truth


Truth: Your inner circle is a reflection of you

Let’s get into this -

The most commonly mentioned reflection of our inner circle has usually been tied to income — with your earning potential being an average of your top 5 closest friends. While there is merit to that, that average is not limited to just finances — it can actually be a litmus for all aspects of our character.

Think about it — our inner circle, the people closest to us, many of whom have known us for years often embody qualities that we both possess and aspire to have. These relationships are often signs of growth and change; people come in and out of our lives for various reasons and they always meet us where we are at that moment in time. Sometimes our growth and that of those closest to us can lead to distance and in many cases a separation. It is important that, while we may mourn the loss or change of a relationship, that we take the time to acknowledge the impact had on our lives and express gratitude for the time spent and lessons learned. It also allows us to create space for new relationships, new lessons and new opportunities for growth.

No matter how big or small your circle may be, make sure that it is space where you feel valued, loved, respected as you are and inspired and pushed to be your best self. My guest Emile Westgaard hit it on the head — “I really am committed to having people around me who appreciate all of who I am.”