The Moments of Truth


Truth: Sometimes our “A-ha moments” can leave us feeling like saying — “Oh no !”

Good People, I know I’m not alone on this one. As we grow, learn and evolve we experience these periods of enlightenment — what Oprah has coined the “A-ha Moment.” It usually happens unexpectedly — with us hearing, reading or experiencing something that, within seconds, triggers a realization or truth. This spark can also occur throughout conversation or in times of solitude; it’s that immediate experience when we “get it.” Where things that were once confusing or challenging suddenly make sense. The information’s received and the path is clear, problems solved, right? Not right.

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve had my share of “A-ha moments,” where the answer, the plan and action are all perfectly synced; it’s almost poetic. On the other side of the coin — I’ve had moments where the answer is clear, the plan has been put in place and I’ve struggled to follow through. These moments, where we know what’s ours to do, we know how to go about doing it and for whatever reason we just aren’t doing. These moments can result with us feeling worse than before the light bulb flashed.

During our conversation, my guest Nathalie Martinek summed it beautifully “what happens sometimes when we change our consciousness about something then our ego gets really scared because our ego is about keeping things as they are and remaining in the comfort zone”

I particularly liked this because her perspective details a more positive approach to these situations. We can be hard on ourselves and during these times of stagnation many of us, myself included, can beat up on ourselves a bit placing the focus on “what’s wrong?” Our ego exists to protect us and when new situations arise, these moments of immobility are often our ego doing what is does best — working to keep us out of harm’s way. Our focus on something being wrong often exacerbates that fear, resulting in our ego going into full bodyguard mode and the likelihood of action being less and less.

We have to show ourselves love and remind ourselves that our behaviors are often for a reason. Once we acknowledge that, we can be self-assured to get through whatever is on the other side. Our ego can relax a bit and we can go about the business of putting action to our enlightenment. To quote a wise woman — my wife Carine — no great story started with “I was sitting on the couch watching TV and..” Usually the “A-ha moment” spurs us to do something great, but the road to greatness is paved with discomfort. Learning to still love ourselves through the discomfort is one of the keys to getting past internal barriers and living, with passion, from the inside — out.

At the end of the day, it always comes back to the truth…… and as I always say — the truth will set you (and your ego) free…if you let it.