The Truth About Connection


Truth: There lessons in it all…some are just easier to see than others

Good People. What’s the name of your favorite teacher? Who’s the most influential speaker that you’ve heard? What makes someone a favorite? I’ve seen and given my share of lectures and it always interests me how my colleagues and I, who are sitting in the same room, listening to the exact same thing, end up with two completely different experiences.

Obviously teaching is a skill — one that needs to be continually honed. While some have mastered the art of connecting with audiences, are those who aren’t as personable any less of a teacher? Last season, I spoke with the CEO of Insight Timer, Christopher Plowman, and he said something that struck a chord, “there aren’t really bad teachers and good teachers, there are those you connect with or you don’t.” Our lack of connection with someone should not excuse our ability to grasp the lesson. In fact, those instances should be just as important as those that resonate because of what they require of us. We’ve talked about the “A-Ha” moments and how great that feeling is when the light bulb goes on. What about those instances where we have to do the work of flipping the switch ourselves or even rolling up our sleeves to get into the wiring? I don’t know about you, but for me that extra work makes the light that much brighter, and things in the room that much clearer.

Connection is phenomenal, especially when it’s instantaneous — however, there’s something to be said for doing the hard work to find your truth in the absence of a connection. The truth can be tricky…just remember, it can also set you free…if you let it!