A Truth About Time


Truth: Time is both essential and of the essence

Let’s get into this -

We live in a society that is primarily dictated by time. Many of us are bound to schedules as they help us manage deadlines, appointments, pick-ups, drop offs, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

It’s understandable that we adhere to time as it helps us manage and organize many aspects of our lives. The flip side is many of us start putting our own lives under a tight scope of time — often creating timelines and milestones to plan out the rest of our days. Don’t get me wrong — I get it. We have this one life to live and that notion alone can generate pressure to make sure that we accomplish “A-Z” by “X” date. There’s nothing wrong with setting goals and working towards those things that we want out of life. It’s also great to have target dates and metrics along the way — they keep us focused and set the foundation that allows us to level up for our next round of success.

This can get tricky, however, when we start to tie our worth to these milestones, then fearing that if we haven’t hit those marks by a certain age then they won’t happen. The notion of being “too old” or it being “too late” is one the biggest hindrances of success and growth. Age should never be a deciding factor for achieving our dreams. We put a lot of weight on numerical age and studies have shown that as time passes our bodies don’t recover as quickly. However, I have met 55+ years old’s that are in far better shape than those in their 30’s — the recovery level may be a bit different, but the notion of being a certain age hasn’t stopped these patients from working out, traveling to new places, going back to school, starting that business that they always dreamed of or taking on a new hobby.

We often hear that “time is of the essence” and this is true — I can’t take a leisurely pace into an emergency procedure any more than firefighters can move sluggishly when that alarm sounds. At the same time, the mindset of time being an essential part of life is just as important. I am a much better doctor today than I was on my first day. There’s an experiential process that occurred, that no deadline could have provided me with. Take time….. to take time and a world of new possibilities and opportunities can open up for you. Time is a tool. Use it, but don’t be used by it.