Springtime Truth

Gentlemen and Ladies, Brothers and Sisters..People, whoever you are and wherever you are Welcome to the Truth Prescription

No Mantras, No Gimmicks, Just the Truth:

Let’s get into this.

Springtime will soon be upon us! I don’t know about you, but I (along with many others) am looking forward to this new season. Outside of the usual benefits of warmer weather, newly bloomed flowers and the extended daylight, the Spring also brings its fare share of allergic reactions and outdoor accidents.

It’s also a great time for a bit of truth. Don’t get me wrong, while everyday is a great day for Truth (especially Monday, March 5th and every other Monday after), the emerging of new life and new light often provides a new degree of motivation and an eagerness to take action. We may have spent those colder months in deep reflection or in planning mode; thinking about the those things that spark our interest, working on a passion project or simply trying to figure out what that “thing” is. That “thing,” our purpose, our passion. Some of us have always been aware of our passion, many of us have discovered it over time and a number of us are still on the journey.

Situations arise in life to help navigate us to that “thing,” to create the lessons needed to reveal or reaffirm our passion and our purpose. These situations are often providing us with that springtime light that allows us to see things a litter clearer. I thought back to my first episode with Dr. Anthony Watkins and a quote of his that stuck with me “sometimes I think your inner energy, even if you’re not aware of it, I think you can bring certain things to life — good and bad. They present those challenges and those experiences that make you complete.”

The seasons represent a life cycle and the stages and phases that allow for the learning, growth, death of old habits and destructive patterns , as well as the birth of new lessons, mindsets and attitude; freshly bloomed and ready to take action. Ready to live a life of gusto and purpose, a life passion.

In that same episode, I dropped a few gems of my own and I wanted to share a fan favorite. “real happiness comes from matching your passions with your talents; matching your interests with something that really drives you.”

I’m excited to see what this next season has in store for you!

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