Truth — It’s OK to Speak Up


Good People, we’ve come to you with many gems about owning the truth, forging your own path, working hard and the value of “failure.” What about my truth seekers that intellectually know all of this…you get it, it resonates and when comes time to vocalize your dreams, feelings and emotions you’re at a loss of words? It’s not that you don’t know what to say, there’s something else at play that is creating a barrier from you confidently feeling and knowing that you have every right to feel how you feel, dream how you dream and aspire to what you aspire to. At the root of that, is being sound in the belief that you are worthy of love and respect. People may not like what you say…and that’s OK. They may not agree with your choices….that’s just fine. They may think you’re making the biggest mistake ever….that’s their prerogative. Now, please don’t take this as my giving you the green light to start flipping tables — not at all. Just as you’re deserving of respect and love, so are others and it’s important to be mindful of your style of communication and how that could resonate with your audience. It doesn’t mean you that have to continue to suppress how you feel or what you think — it’s just to say that you make attempts to engage your audience (no matter who it is or how large it is) in a manner that aligns with you both.

This is all easier said than done when the conversations are in full flow, what happens when there’s resistance? Does that become an indicator that you need to quiet the truth? What about the challenging conversations that arise at work, at home or on any given day? For many of us, it’s easier to keep our feelings bottled up. We worry that we’re making too big of a deal about something small or that by simple communication, we’ll rock the boat. At the end of the day, we all have that internal gauge that alerts us when things are off and the more that we choose to ignore it, the more those emotions build up and begin to manifest in unhealthy ways. My season 1 guest, Spiritual Guru, Shakti Durga told us, “when we’re passive — what happens is a lot of anxiety, a lot of resentment and resistance builds up inside of us.” I’ve seen this many times with my patients, with those bottled up emotions taking form as stress, anxiety, weight gain, heart attacks, strokes and even cancer. We all have a voice — please find the method that allows you to use yours. If nothing else, start practicing. Have mock conversation in the mirror, role play with a loved one. While I get that that it is not the same, it helps to flex those muscle and creates a foundation to spring from. It’s also among the most loving things we can do for ourselves, and for others if we so choose; the more we become comfortable vocalizing the more tools are then available for us to lend to the voiceless. If nothing else, it’s the truth and remember…the truth will set you free…if you let it (and speak on it)!