The Truth About Self Care


Good People,

How well do you know yourselves? I'm talking beyond the surface. Of course there are things that we know about ourselves; we know what type of foods we like, what type of conversations move us, what people or places spark our interest etc. Those things are important to know, because they shape who we are. The foods we eat are indicative of the places we may be drawn to visit or travel to, it's also a cue of how flexible we or curious we are. How many of you like what you like and that's it? How many of you will at least try something once? Moving beyond the surface, how well do you know your triggers? Do you know why you react to certain things or people the way that you do? Do you know what your values are?

It's important to note that what you know, or don't know, about yourself today may not be the same years, or even months from now. We're constantly learning and growing, and with that comes wisdom and evolution. As we grow, we also get closer and closer to the truth. Make sure that you carve our time for yourself - just you, so that you can tune in, get to know you and better understand what's going on below the surface. This also creates a path for healing. This season, I spoke with Carol Haggerty Reardon and she had a very poignant statement about self care: 

"If you're not putting yourself first, you're not doing much good for other people. You first have understand yourself, really heal yourself and be there for others to help heal themselves as well."

I love that. I love how the more healing we undergo, not only do we get closer to the truth, we create room for others to do the same as well….and remember the truth will set you (and all of us free)…if you let it.