Own and Carry Out Your Truth


Truth: Sometimes the only answers to our most burning questions can only be found within.

Good People: How many times have you had something so important and so pressing arise in your life and you didn’t take any action because you were waiting for someone else to give you the green light?

These days, with a more mindfulness approach to life becoming more and more a part of the main stream conversation, it can often feel like we lack the tools to go about the work of making our own dreams come true. Many of us often feel that we may need the assistance of a Life Coach or “Success Webinar.” We also look for validation of our truths in the pages of books, the scenes of documentaries or the episodes of podcasts (new episodes, every other Monday!).

While these platforms provide us with ample amounts of information and facilitate our access to resources that we would not otherwise have — we can often become subject to others’ buy in or support for our truths. I’ve talked about this before, about the importance of the hero’s journey — a path that we can only travel ourselves. My guest Egyptt Buck made a powerful statement about how the impact of other’s influence can sometimes dissuade us from not doing what is only ours to do — “ If you allow people to persuade you or move you from what you actually have, and what’s in your heart, and what God puts in front of you — you’re never going to be happy.” While this was in reference to people being directly opposed to his career path, I think this same truth applies to situations when we put so much weight and importance on waiting for someone else to validate our answers and assure us that we’re on the right path. While it’s great to have support, guidance and mentorship , when it comes down to it, we ultimately are the ones that are directing, producing and staring in our own lives. The buck stops with us and in the words of Mr. Egyptt Buck, “at the end of the day, your decision is yours — you have to own it.”

Own your truth, because remember — the truth will set you free, if you let it.