A Humble Truth


Truth: We can exist in our own power while others exist in theirs

Good People, how many of us are humble to a fault? Don’t get me wrong, humility is among my favorite qualities in a person and a space that I strive to exist within; however, some of the literal definitions of humility are not exactly something that I feel we should fully ascribe to.

Google’s Dictionary defined humility as “ a modest or low view of one’s own importance.” Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary’s definition states, among other things, “freedom from pride or arrogance.”

It’s interesting how a characteristic that many of us value so much, one that often results with deep reflection and audit of our actions and words, has phaseology included in its definition that can be interpreted as encouraging us to limit life potential.

How many of us have made a statement about work, future plans or our dreams and then quickly said something to downplay, out of fear of seeming too arrogant or not wanting to appear boastful?

The definition that I align most with is “freedom from arrogance.” I don’t think it serves us or anyone else to have a lowly view of ourselves and what we bring to this world; I also don’t think a lack of pride does any good.

In order to go about that work that we are doing or the work that we dream of doing, we must exist in a space rooted in the notion that there isn’t anyone else out there that can do these things in the manner that we can. I believe humility is about embracing our uniqueness so strongly that we can, without pause, create space to celebrate and embrace that of others.

My guest Marc Clarke, in Season 1, spoke to this. “A lot of people are afraid to say ‘I want to be a superstar — I want to be the man, I want to the woman.” As long as we are not putting down or infringing upon someone else’s claim to super stardom in their own right, what is wrong with embracing that notion? There’s plenty of room for us to exist in our power and everyone else to fully exist in theirs. There is an abundance of wealth, health, happiness and dream fulfillment “out there” to be had, if we set our mind, intention and focus toward it. Get out your own way and be truthful about who you are. If you are a Boss — claim that S%@t!

What is more powerful than the truth? The truth of who YOU are. Remember, Good People, the truth will set you free, if you let it….