A Hero’s Truth

No Mantras, No Gimmicks, Just the Truth:
Let’s get into this -

If there’s one thing I can appreciate more than the truth (or just as much), it’s a great film. Not only does this appreciation stem from my own love of the craft, being a filmmaker, but also a love for the way great movies generate a genuine connection with the viewer. Within a matter of 60+ minutes you could be laughing, crying, inspired, conflicted, scared, worried and even validated.

Many films take us on the “Hero’s Journey;” — these epic stories where an individual is called to seek out their purpose, embark on a course of self discovery, experience a loss and, ultimately, return victorious. I’ve noticed a recent shift in that these journeys are becoming more and more internal; searching for the hero within instead of waiting for someone else to come to the rescue. More and more people are finding it difficult to hide from their truth; their getting real, waking up and realizing that they, themselves, are all the hero that they’ve ever needed — and then some.

One of my earlier guests, Bob Cafaro, said it best — “The greatest untapped resource we have is the human mind and if we can learn to harness that, to me, we use so little of the human mind and it’s capable of so much more than we can envision. If we learn the power of the human mind, it’s limitless.”

Imagine that, a feeling of limitless power. The ability to have such trust and faith in yourself that you show up each and everyday who you are, as you are, with the understanding of a limitless potential. This is one of the reasons that The Truth Prescription came to be — it’s one of the remedies for this heroic journey back to self. If we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to own our truth, to share our stories — we not only become the director, producer and protagonist of our own cinematic journey, we also impart the wisdom to provide guidance to many of our fellow heroes along the way.

I have found meditation to be a great resource to help unlock the hidden potential and power of the human mind. Begin to practice, in whatever capacity you are able and your life will literally change. As my viola teacher used to say, practice doesn’t make perfect, but helps to improve. Improve your chances, daily, at becoming your own Hero or Shero. Find quiet time to reflect and breath. Harness the untapped potential of your inner world. Good Luck on your journey. I, your fellow journeyman, salute you.

I will close this, just as a I close each and every episode, — the truth will set you free…………….., If you let let it.