A Hard Working Truth


Good People, we’ve all heard it, time and time again — “success doesn’t come over night,” “there is no substitute for hard work,” “nothing worth having comes easy.” These quotes have been in existence for decades, some for centuries, and while each are different they are all driving home the same message — hard work, with consistency, equals success.

“Working Hard” is something that has often been equated with unhappiness and a sense of suffering that one must endure until the end result is acheived — an interpretation that I don’t agree with. Work, in my opinion, is putting in dedicated time and energy into the necessary actions that will create the space for “that thing” you want out of life. The “hard” part, simply describes the friction, one must encounter, with any endeavor, where something new is created. I wanted to be a doctor — that required putting consistent, dedicated time and energy into my studies while in medical school. My personal drive to be among the best dictated the level of effort. It is one thing to study something enough to pass a test. It is another to spend time immersed in the information in a way that allows complete comprehension, so that you can integrate it with the other lessons you’ve learned and be fully prepared to apply it in the future.

I recently went to see Beyonce and Jay Z in concert. It was an amazing performance — she danced with eloquence, and sang with dominance. Mr. Carter was a perfect compliment, energizing the crowd with an opulent swagger that has become his performance trademark. From a creative standpoint, I was in awe and spent a lot of time thinking about all that went into creating that show. They could have easily created the same set list, added some pyrotechnics and the audience would have been beyond pleased. The time spent shooting the Caribbean vacation scenes, designing a floating stage, rehearsing the choreography and training the band not only play notes, but to become a cohesive unit, was spread across countless hours, time away from family and friends, and riddled (I would imagine) with points of frustration. However, they wanted to create an experience for their audience and in order to see that vision through they had (in the words of my Season 1 guest, Evrythng Cost) “to do what you’re supposed to do instead of what you want to do.”
Evrythng Cost was a great guest and shared wise perspective and insights specifically discussing how success and hard work cannot be strangers. To me, the most important aspect of the interview, wasn’t what he said, but was his name, which ties in nicely to the theme of this blog post. Absolutely EVERYTHING COST something. The friction, that one experiences. The “hard” part of any endeavor, is the cost. That is the payment for success. For greatness. To be able to forge your own path and see life as you want to see it. The path of least resistance will lead you toward a reality of mediocrity and if that is what you want — it is all out there for you. But. If you desire something greater, bigger, stronger, some may even say “grandiose” — then be prepared to pay the piper for whatever it is you say you want. And that payment will be equivalent to the girth, the obesity, of your goal.

In reverence to one of the great filmmakers of our time and his recent film Blackkklansman. I will end by saying. “And thats
 the Truth — Ruth” :)
 Be well good people. Work Hard.