Truth: What Have You Done for You Lately?

Truth: we can’t give what we do not have

Truth: we can only be to others what we are to ourselves.

Let’s get into this -

It’s been said that we are our own worst enemies because of the tendency to self-criticize and self-flagellate. While there can be some benefit to being self-observant and hyper-vigilant, it often results in not being able to accurately account for our progress or being unwillingly celebrate success. I have been guilty of it — I’ve worked hard and continue to set the bar higher and higher for myself. There are times when it seems I am not giving “enough” or that there aren’t “enough” hours in the day. I have many loves in my life (my wife, my beautiful daughters, medicine, film, the truth) and it becomes difficult when trying to define what are the “proper” amounts of time and attention to spend and give, while maintaining some level of inner solidity.

To those ambitious ends — I have to make sure to check in with myself and give into a bit of Self-Care. Self-Care can trigger a sense of selfishness, however, it’s one of the most self-less things we can do for ourselves and for those in our lives. I need to be attuned with myself and the things going on with me so that no untoward energies are directed to my family, my patients, my crew or my guests. My goal is to be 100% present during our time together.
During my conversation with P.L Sweets, he dropped a few gems and suggested that, when dealing with ourselves, we could simply “look in the mirror and go ‘Why do I feel this way?’ ‘What makes me feel that?’ ‘What is the root?’ ‘Where did this come from?’’’ This is also a form of Self-Care — taking time to sympathize, empathize and understand YOU. Now, I know good and well that these suggestions are easier said than done and even getting to that point with ourselves takes time and can require a degree of support. At the same time, all great journeys begin with a single step and I’m curious to know what steps can you take for yourself today?

It doesn’t have to be a conversation with yourself and you don’t have to look in the mirror. Could that step simply be a quick pause to recognize the accomplishments of today? Or a moment where you take time to remember why you love something or someone? Or setting aside 15 minutes at lunch to go outside, breath fresh air and sit in the sun. Whatever it is, just make sure the moment is 100% yours. In my experience these things re-energize, re-invigorate, smooth the rough patches of our journey, taking the sting out of criticisms, both externally and internally. Try some Self-Care today and lets see what happens!

As I always say. The Truth will set you free — if you let it.