Truth: Every Moment Counts


Good People, how many of you celebrate your missteps or take a moment to see the beautiful diamond in those rough patches of life? There was a time when the communication around failure was mostly negative; being deemed a failure was the among the worst things to be. As time has evolved and we, as a collective, have become more enlightened the conversation has shifted towards looking at all experience, good and bad, as opportunities. Today, "failure" can be worn as a badge of honor - something that you learn from, add to your Rolodex of life and use to come back better than before. Failure is one of the key components to the Truth Prescription. Every other week, we're coming to you with stories and life lessons from some of the most successful individuals, many who found the courage to keep it going when they were at their lowest points.  My Season 1 guest, Corey "Homicide" Williams put it like this "sometimes in life... sometimes, certain things don't work out, everything ain't forever. But you gotta work through it to make it the best situation you can possibly make it." 

Making the best you can out of every situation, while easier said than done, allows us the room to apply a holistic view to the situation; the space to take a step back, breathe and look for the lesson...which always brings us closer to the truth. Take chances, Good People. Take chances, make moves, take a leap...if you fall or "fail", take a moment, reflect, learn and get back at it. The thing about making decisions is that it always leads you in the right direction. Either you made a mistake, learned something, and know to do the opposite next time, OR, you did the right thing and the results were favorable. The key is - you must DO SOMETHING. Indecision or the fear to move is tantamount to death. Remember and never forget...the truth will set you free..if you (learn from it) and let it.