Truth: Don’t Ignore What’s Gnawing at You.

Gentlemen and Ladies, Brothers and Sisters. People, whoever you are and wherever you are Welcome to the Truth Prescription

No Mantras, No Gimmicks. Just the Truth.

For many of us, this is the time of year when the temperature drops and often to the point of being too damn cold for comfort. Cold weather also tends to be accompanied with an influx of people being under the weather and while we send well wishes to those of our people out there battling colds and the flu. Of course we need to stay hydrated, stay warm and stay rested. However, this time of year also hits many of us hard emotionally.

The cold weather, shorter days and reduced interaction can, by default, bring about on an unplanned time of reflection and put us face to face with some of our own truths that are easier to dismiss when the sun is out and we’re basking in that summer time vibe. During my conversation with Amber Gelinas, we talked about how ignoring our truths can literally make you sick. You think that runny nose is bad? Amber literally lost her vision as a result of not acknowledging her truth. Yes, it gets real — when mental and emotional traumas are not dealt with properly they can begin to manifest themselves physically; this is known as Conversion Disorder. Let’s pause for a second — for anyone who may be panicking or jumping online to start self-diagnosing (please do consult your physician….whatever the proper term is); these symptoms can show up in various forms and it’s important that we give proper attention to both those little whispers/gut feelings that are firing off to us that something isn’t right, as well as the more chronic and severe cases.

Just like I said during my conversation with Amber Gelinas on my podcast, “When you ignore what’s gnawing at you — it can literally make you sick” — I’m going to prescribe to the same remedy that I do at the end of each episode: the truth! It will set you free, if you let it.