Truth: You Can Try to Run but You Can't Hide from the Truth


Good People, ever tried to run from the reality of a situation? Ever try to deny your calling or purpose? Ever wonder why the desire for something that seems so outrageous and impossible just won't go away? I've been there and, on occasion, still find myself in that space. One thing that's been helpful for me is to tune in to the "thing" that's nagging me - whatever it is. Whether it's a feeling of disconnect or pain or a desire for something else, I set aside time to get still and figure out what's going on.

This feeling really surfaced when my creativity was making it's comeback. It can be tricky when you have multiple passions since one can easily suppress the other. My love of medicine has been my foundation for many years - I love what I do and I do it well, what more could I want? The truth is, we're multifaceted, complex individuals - why can't we have multiple areas of interests or create a career that permeates through many different fields? My love a medicine creates opportunity for me to pursue my love for the arts. The journey into film making and directing hasn't been easy but it's a passion that refused to stay silent. My Season 1 guest Amber Gelinas said it best "when you ignore what’s gnawing at you – it can literally make you sick." This is absolutely know to be true! I encourage you all to pursue your passion and interests in any way that you can - take the class, watch the video, reach out to someone in that space. Own the truth....and remember, the truth will set you free...if you let it!