The Truth About Us All


Good People,

How many of you judge? Come one now, remember — the truth will set you free, so let it. Let’s get real, we’ve all judged something or someone at some point or another. A more appropriate question might be, when’s the last time that you found yourself in judgment of others?

Lack of truth often leads us down that path. It can be an inability or refusal to embrace the truth about ourselves, so we lean into judgment as a defense tactic. It keeps that light away from the things that we don’t want to see, let alone anyone else! It can also be due to our belief that we know everything there is about the person, place or thing that we’re placing judgment on. We’re all aware of the underlying and, often, blatant divisiveness that is permeating a lot of the rhetoric these days — especially in the political space. The more tribal we become, the further away from the truth we move and the more judgment we embrace. I came across this dose of truth that I shared in Season 2:

“Regardless of all of our differences — cultural differences, racial differences — we all bleed red. We’re all human beings and I think if we can focus on that, then a lot of healing can occur.”

Here’s to the healing power of the truth. To us all waking up and embracing our light and creating space for others to do the same. The truth is one powerful thing…and it will set you free if you let it.