The Truth About the Ugly and the Unpretty


Good People,

What parts of yourself do you hide? Let’s get real — what are the areas in your life that you really don’t want people to see or even know about? Many of us have been conditioned to always paint a pretty picture; working hard to ensure that everything is always buttoned up, rose-colored and glittering in gold. The truth is, none of us are perfect — everyone knows this and yet a lot of us spend a good chunk of our lives creating a fictional narrative around perfection. We drain ourselves, our resources and, often times, deny who we really are for the approval and opinion of others. When the reality is, we all have shit going in and there are moments when things aren’t even close to going our way.

It’s in those moments, that we often feel alone and we often feel like we’re “the only ones.” The truth is — during those times, if we kept it real, we could create some of the deepest connections of our lives. There’s value in vulnerability and authenticity; we talk about this often. I find those gritty moments the most beautiful because it’s where truth bonds are formed (if we allow it), both with ourselves and with others.

I dropped this rant during last season’s (Season 2) episode (37):

When the shit ugly and it ain’t pretty — it lets me know that that person, that individual, went through something and that external scarring is an internal representation of the strength and bonds that they have internally.

It’s that strength and those bonds that truly unite us and allow us to become manifestations of the truth. We find the truth in the ugly and unpretty….and it will set us free if we let it!