The Truth About Approval


Good People,

Wanted to drop in with a small dose of truth for the week. A conversation that I had with my upcoming guest, Josh Cary, really resonated and I started thinking about how much pressure we often put on ourselves. It looks like Spring is finally starting to make an appearance and moving into this time of year can come with a lot of added pressure: work picks up, the desires to have that summer body kicks in, more events start to arise as people come out of hibernation into the sunshine. There are more things grasping for our attention and a lot more noise to cut through.

When there’s a lot going on, it’s easier to lose ourselves and fall into a pattern of being guided by the needs of outside forces (validation, attention and acknowledgement from people, places and things). I want to share with you a simple message that I dropped at the end of the episode “those external approvals shouldn’t matter.” In the midst of the storm and during the calm, stay tuned in enough to make sure that You — do You. Take what you need from the outside and stay grounded in the truth because remember…it will set you free if you let it.