The Truth About Pushing Through


Can you believe it? We've almost made it through 1/4 of 2019. It's so crazy how time flies, just yesterday we were discussing the truth about those New Year's Resolutions. I wanted to check in and put a bit of motivation out into the ether. In order to do that, we first have to get honest with ourselves. How many of us have lost sight of our resolutions and goals? The question is never meant to put anyone in a hot seat, believe me, I'm in the boat right along with you. For me, I've found it helpful to lean into the truth, getting real about the fact that there are goals of mine that haven't seen any action from me. From there, it's important to get into the "why?" "Are these things still important? Is this something that you still feel connected to? Are you being stopped by fear?"

Things happen, 2019 has impacted us all in very different ways. No matter what the issue is, acknowledge it, accept the truth about it, figure out your next steps and get into action. My guest Dr. David Greuner, had this to say, "life throws you all of these curve balls and you can either sit there and appreciate and figure out what it's trying to teach you or what you can make out of it, or you can sit there and complain." A lot of great thing can happen in 9 months.....great things can happen within minutes. However, nothing can happen unless we're in the in action. So let's get real, rejig the plan, get moving and , most importantly, remember that the truth will set you free...(at anytime) if you let it!