The Truth About Making Plans


Good People,

Have you heard the saying, “when you make plans, God (or The Universe) laughs?” It’s one of my favorites, it also a phrase that comes with its fair share of irony. For most of us, we’ve always navigated life with some type of plan. I made plans to graduate high school, attend college, go to medical school and then become a doctor. At the same time, while hitting that check list, I was unknowingly making plans to move away from my creative side. Enter that laugh; here I am hosting a podcast (that has very little to do with my being a doctor), producing films, writing scripts — all the while still being very active in the field of medicine. If you would have told me, fresh out of medical school, that this would be my life — I would have looked at you like you were crazy and asked where the hell was I finding all of this time? Not to mention that I have a responsibilities as a husband and father. Here’s a bit of truth, we absolutely make time for the things that we deem important.

That’s why it’s important to embrace your truth. Often times we’re stuck on the “how.” We spend so much time trying to cross every T and dot every I that we can get into a bit of paralysis. In order for us to execute, things have to look a certain way. In that space, we’re limiting the possibility of the truth. What is it that we always say? The truth will set you free if you let it. True freedom transcends all limitation and while it’s important to have a plan of action, it’s critical that you remain open to the possibility of other paths.

My guest Michelle Soro had this to say,

“sometimes we have an intention and we want it to look a certain way. For example, getting married to the right guy or the right woman and how it shows up is not necessarily what you had in your mind, but it’s equally or even more fulfilling than you ever could have imagined.”

There’s power in opening yourself up to the possibility of taking an alternate route to hit your goals. Think about the lessons you’ll learn throughout your course correction and, most importantly, think about how much better it is to trek down a different path than to complete stop the journey?

Make room to honor all of the things that are important to you. Open yourself up to your truth, it will surprise you…and, of course, it’ll set you free…if you let it!