The Truth About Sharing the Truth


Good People,

How many of you play your cards close to the chest? If you have an idea, a plan, new opportunity or upcoming project, you’ll keep it secret? Many of us were raised with that mindset. The notion of “never letting the right hand know what the left is doing,” or a fear that if you make someone privy to plans they’ll turn around and, either, take the credit for the idea or sabotage the opportunity. While there is merit in keeping some things, close and personal, constantly operating in that manner can often do more harm than good. Those thoughts typically stem from a space of fear and a mindset of lack.

We sometimes treat the “thing” that we hold in such secret as if it’s the only great idea that we’ll ever have or as if it’s our only big opportunity. The truth is there’s great value and even greater opportunity in communicating the truth. No matter how hard we may work for something — none of us can do it alone. At some point, we’ll all rely on the assistance of others, in some fashion, to help execute the things we want to do. I often talk about my passion for film — as personal as it is, my stories can only go so far if I don’t spread the word. How much good can the greatest script written be if I’m the only one to see it? Mostly importantly, how can I become a better screenwriter without the feedback of those more experienced?

My guest, Kevin Simon, was spot on when he said “people create vision boards, and it’s great to do that. Don’t get me wrong: I had my own version of a vision board, but you often need to tell somebody about the goal that you have. And that person needs to want to believe in you because often times you’ll need people to believe in you more, initially, than you believe in yourself. They’re feeding you that confidence.” Kevin taught us in our talk, that there is power in letting folk, we trust, know and support our plans for the future. There is something special about a collective mind, that can accomplish anything, big or small. It gives us the freedom, to dream, soar and share our gifts with the world. And as I always say — the truth will set you free (if you share it) and let it.