The Truth About Routine


Good People,

First month of the 2019 down! I don’t know about you but I’m still feeling a bit of that New Year energy. It’s during this time that we get back into our routines. The holidays have passed, vacations are completed and, for those of you in college, you just kicked off your Spring Semester. For me, this time of year is met with an influx of patients — right smack in the middle of cold and flu season. I want to advise you all to stay bundled up and to make sure you’re keeping your hands washed, as germs are flying high and wide.

The beauty of easing back into our routines is that sense of normalcy that kicks in. We begin to feel like our selves again and settle back into who we are and the things that we love to do. Routine often gets a bad wrap — it’s associated with being mundane and with complacency. The truth is that these patterns of action are what help us navigate through our day, and essentially our lives. It’s what keeps on us track.

It is also true, that the comfort of our routines can also make it challenging for us to switch things up — especially when it comes to making drastic changes. This is probably why the intensity of our News Years Resolutions start to get tossed aside around this time.

When it comes to incorporating true change or transformation in your life, you want to do it in a way that isn’t disruptive and that is sustainable. My guest, this season, Alex Ferrari had this to say “I’m going to start going for singles as opposed to going for home runs, because singles are still getting me on base, getting me close to getting a run.” and suggests that we take “one step at a time. I know it sounds cheesy and old school, but the journey begins with one foot in front of the other, and that is the truth. That is as truthful as anything I can say.”

I want to second that, spend this week introducing small tweaks to your routine each day, making those gradual steps to support whatever it is you’re about this year. Go back and check out Alex Ferrari’s episode if you haven’t already. He drops plenty of truth bombs and remember what we say about the truth? It will set you free….if you let it!