Truth: It Doesn't Always Have to Hurt


Truth: It doesn’t always have to hurt

 Good People, we’ve all heard the famous line “the truth hurts.” It’s true that it doesn’t always feel the best to hear something that’s in complete contrast with what we believe….especially when it’s something about ourselves or someone we hold in a certain esteem. It’s important to remember that the truth is both subjective and objective. The objective or scientific truths tend to be rooted in empirical data and facts that have been tried and tested. Gravity, evolution, aspects of medicine are all things that are rooted in science and can be supported with evidence..however, there are still vast amounts of people that call their accuracy into question.

Our subjectivity is based on our personal experiences. What’s true for me isn’t necessarily true for you. In the same manner our communication of our truths will also vary. There are some who’s approach to their truth is to keep it close and quiet; they may fear hurting those close to them or possible backlash from the outward expression. There are others who kick in the door with their truth, they are bold, brash and say whatever to whomever, whenever and however. This approach is often believe to be “ok” because they are being honest and hey…”the truth hurts.” 

In Season One, my guest, Pony Gayle touched on this. When speaking about how she approaches instances where those she’s working with are pitching projects that need lots of work. She said “if you’re going to say it, say it kind.” I loved that, as it sits perfectly between hiding your truth out of fear and brazenly pimp slapping someone with heavy handed commentary. 
Taking mindful steps to communicate what’s true, allows us to create space for a constructive conversation — where the truth doesn’t have to hurt. It does, however, and will, set you free…if you let it.