The Truth About Forging Your Own Path


Good People,

Here we are, just 4 weeks until 2019. This time of year is always exciting and it’s even sweeter being able to experience it through my children’s eyes. I also like to spend this time in deep reflection, taking a moment to think about the current year — expressing gratitude for another trip around the sun, the health of my family/friends and taking a moment to celebrate the wins. This year saw a lot of success in my film endeavors. I’m very proud of the work that I completed and, while it wasn’t always easy and required some sacrifice, there’s nothing better than bringing dreams to fruition.

I also take time to reflect on areas of “failure” (remember, our discussion on failure being a myth?) and where things didn’t necessarily pan out as imagined. This reflection isn’t done to dwell on the negative, it’s done to celebrate the chances taken, acknowledge the lessons learned and to re-strategize for the next opportunity.

There’s also a bit of planning that comes into place. While it’s great to reflect on the current year as it comes to a close, it also helps to create a game plan for the future. As I’ve been thinking about 2019, I recalled a conversation with season 1 guest and Truth Prescription producer, Ginni Saraswati. Ginni discussed how she forged her own career path, one that was completely different than that of her family. One that they didn’t, and still truly don’t, understand. She tapped into the truth and realized that — “It’s OK for me to go on my own path. Even though no one else in my family has lived that path.” This is the truth that I challenge each of you to carry into 2019. Create your own path. Whether or not you have clear directions or “approval”, try to forge a path directed at your greatest passions. A path saturated with truth and happiness, and remember what we say about the truth? It’ll WILL set you free…if you let it!