Falling in Love with the Truth


How many of us can say honestly say that we truly love ourselves? As I’ve been reflecting on this year and gearing up for the next, I think about the areas of my personality that have seen immense growth and those parts which require more attention. The growth and potential of both, total up to the sum of Dr. Seku Gathers in this moment, and the work is learning to truly love and appreciate it all.

It’s always easier to beat up on the parts of us that we aren’t, particularly, satisfied with and to celebrate the areas of success and progress, often because those tend to get external praise from others. What would it look like to truly embrace it all? To embrace the “good” in the same manner that we do the “bad”? What if there wasn’t any classification of “good “or “bad,” what if it was just you?

My guest Eljay Aguillo, from Season 1, talked about finding himself in the midst of heartbreak. Not only was that a time for self discovery, it became a moment to really tune in, get to know and fall in love with the person he was. That struck me — there’s a lot of talk about loving ourselves, what would it mean to fall IN love with who we are, as we are? Elijay said “I wasn’t in love with myself. I had to fall in love with myself, and go on dates with myself, I had to spoil myself every now and then. I had to really see if I was really in love with me and I was. Even though I chased someone else to New York, I realized, ultimately I was here for me.”

Having packed up his life for someone else, it would have been easy to fall victim to that situation. However, taking that time to fall in love with Elijay, exactly as he was, provided the space to see the situation as an opportunity; living in one of the greatest cities in the world where the possibilities were limitless. That’s what love does, it creates an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding that, ultimately, opens up our world. Here’s to falling in love with ourselves and with the truth….it will set you free, if you let it.