Truth: Find and Follow Your Passion


Good People, what greater truth is there than figuring out what is it that we’re meant to do? What’s the thing or things that, if given the chance, you would do for free? For me, as we’ve discussed, it’s both medicine and film. I’ve been fortunate with having one passion that allows me the means and opportunity to engage in the other. Medicine pays the bills and makes it possible for me to tap into my passion for film making. I do often wonder, what my relationship to medicine will look like as I make greater strides in cinema.

For those of us who’ve turned our “calling” into our career, there’s a different connection to our work, and we may be able to easily leverage opportunities from one passion to explore and engage with others. On the flip side, there are many others who, while they aren’t working full time in a field they’re passionate about, they’ve found a way to maintain a connection; whether it’s through a side hustle or just overall engagement in the space. Then there are numerous others who are working daily in careers that they’re unhappy in and, as a result, have no way of seeing how to engage with their passions or are completely aware of what their calling is.

To this third group, I want to leave you with these gems from my Season 1 guest, Ali Muhammad:

1) “……having faith in the thing that God put in you to do”

What are the things that you like to do that feel effortless? What is the thing that, when your’re doing it, makes you feel most like yourself? How can you take a leap of faith and do something in that space?

2) “Be immersed in your own scenario”

When you find that thing, can you fully engage in that space? What are the pockets of time that you can carve out to do the thing that makes you feel connected and alive?

3) “You don’t win when it ain’t yours”

Make time for your passion — even if it’s part time. There’s an internal struggle that will only get stronger and make things harder when we continue to ignore what’s ours to do.

Finding the truth is just as important as owning it….here’s to your journey, and remember, the truth will set you free..if you let it!